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Lady Arcana Of Oristis
HH Arcana Pose 1.png
Title Arcana
Full Name Lady Arcana Of Oristis
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size Medium
Shaved No
Birthday 3/21
Location Crystal Town
Career Magician
Favorite Food Smoked Salmon
Hobby Esoterism
Fetish Kindness
Biography: A very powerful magician, she is devoted to fighting off the dark forces of the Haremverse. Her primary objective is tracking demonic incursions from the Shokushu dimension. Her magic works with fantasies. The more she fucks, the more she learns, the more her imagination and excitement increase, allowing her to connect to magic winds that span the world.
Wiki: [Here]

I feel alone tonight... And nostalgic. My previous love has become an evil man... Obsessed with the Shokushu Dimension, he's out of my reach. I spend my days tracking him... In the meantime, bring me some warmth tonight...

- Arcana, feeling romantic with the Player


About Her

Arcana is a reoccurring character in the canon.

How to Obtain

Arcana is obtained by random drop from the Dark Lord


Before Main Story

Arcana is a powerful magician. Her husband got turned by the Shokushu Dimension into the Dark Lord, thus motivating Arcana to serve an adversarial role against the forces of evil.


Dark Lord

The Dark Lord is Arcana's husband. At some point, he was turned to evil by the Shokushu dimension.