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Abraël Diamond
Title Abraël
Full Name Abraël Diamond
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue and Golden
Breast Size Large
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 12/25
Location Juy Sea Coast
Career Candy Maker
Favorite Food Sperm-Filled Sushi
Hobby Cooking
Fetish Sperm Lover
Biography: Abraël became a succubus after eating a cursed vegetable. Entirely dependent on the consumption of sperm, she worked as a pirate until you saved her team from Edwarda. She now runs the "Succubus Treats" sweet shop. She seems to have a heavy past with a certain pirate called Jackson.
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About Her

Abraël is a major character in the Juy Sea Arc.

How to Obtain

Abraël is obtained through completing the Juy Sea Arc.


Before Main Story

Abraël is a quasi-succubus and pirate captain.






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1-Star Affection Scene
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2-Star Affection Scene
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3-Star Affection Scene
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