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Icon Title Description
HH Winter Chill 1.jpg All Covered In White

Snow is covering the ground like your sperm on the faces of your beloved. It’s time to relax all together! You rent a chalet in the mountains for you and your harem.

HH Winter Chill 2.jpg Hides and candlelight

First day in the mountains. You and your girls, you are exhausted from the trip. The chalet is cosy and decorated with hides. The fireplace is functional… You prepare yourself for the inevitable...

HH Winter Chill 3.jpg Sex Dice

Game night! But there’s no board-games, or cards, or… just very peculiar dice… Your girls are very good at throwing them! And with this game, you win each time!

HH Winter Chill 4.jpg Sexy Snowwoman

You help the creative girl of the group make a snowm… a very good looking young snowgirl. The result is astonishing. You don’t know how it holds up, but no matter, you take a photo to share it on instapussy.

HH Winter Chill 5.jpg Carrot Up Her...

You’re looking for a carrot to complete the snowman, but it’s disappeared! At the same time as Bunny, weird… You spend the day looking for her. You need to make her lose this habit, accidents happen quickly!

HH Winter Chill 6.jpg Mulled Wine Tasting

While visiting the village, you find a mulled wine stand: After a little test of 12 glasses each, you decide to by several barrels and to have at them back in the chalet. With moderation, of course!

HH Winter Chill 7.jpg Slow Motion

It’s really cold today. You and the girls don’t want to leave, especially when the mulled wine tasting of last night still hurts. You settle for a lazy orgy.

HH Winter Chill 8.jpg Fondue Savoyarde

Yay, fondue tonight! At first, you don’t understand why you need to be naked at the table, but quickly, when everyone’s covered in gooey cheese, you understand it’s to not get the clothes dirty.

HH Winter Chill 9.jpg The Abominable Ballsack

You left in search of the abominable snowman. Once you find him, you understand why the girls wanted to test his legendary energy. Ok, he’s quite nice: while he’s satisfying them, he offers you a coffee. But you’re still not at ease.

HH Winter Chill 10.jpg Your Girl and Her MILF

Hari and Bunny's mother pass the day fighting instead of skiing, what a family! They always involve you. They take you on the slopes, in the restaurant, in the lifts… just to annoy the other one.

HH Winter Chill 11.jpg Dilemna

You just wanted to ride a snowmobile… But unfortunately the mechanic of the depot needs to repair the last one. You play around with her to wait. Then you realised that during this time, she’s not repairing it...

HH Winter Chill 12.jpg Swaying in the Cold

Here you are blocked in the cable car… Here we go for hours of waiting… And it’ getting colder. You propose to the other passengers to keep warm with a little action. All this won’t help the work of the repair team.

HH Winter Chill 13.jpg Hot and Skimpy

Last day of the holidays. You take a lesson in cross-country skiing. The instructor is superb, and her outfit really tight-fitting. You’re more than glad to spend the day behind her. Kept you warm all day.

HH Winter Chill 14.jpg Tidy the Decorations

People point out to you that the garlands and lights are still on the tree and the chalet! But the holidays are over since a while. Come on, time to tidy everything up.