Custom Order Maid 3D 2: Yotogi

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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D 2 [edit]

Excitement, Mind and Sensuality

The three bars at the top of the H interface are, from left to right: Excitement(興奮値), Mind(精神), Sensuality(官能). [[File:|thumb|550px|center|Excitement, Mind and Sensuality]]

In COM3D2, Excitement and Mind meter remains the same as CM3D2, but Reason meter is being replaced with Sensuality meter. However, Reason meter is still being used in the Compatibility Mode in the game.

  • Excitement is shared between the maid and the master.
  • It will go up with almost any action except climax and punishment, which deplete it. You will only be able to select climax actions once the excitement meter is above a certain threshold.
  • Many sex acts have three animations, with more intense animations being used when your excitement level is higher.
  • Mind is a resource that is refreshed to full after starting a new skill.
  • However, if it is depleted to zero, the next skill will start with only 50% Mind, reducing the amount of possible actions. Thus it is advisable to take care to stay above 0 Mind and end the skill when you get too low.
  • Sensuality determines the maid's sensitivity to sexual urges. It will go up with any action, with the action in red text will give extra sensuality points.
  • Once the sensuality meter is maxed out, you can use Go into heat action skill to make the maid go into heat.
  • When the maid go into heat, the mind meter will stop depleting, and the sensuality meter will be depleted instead. Animations and lines will also change when this happen. Stats' gain will also increase.
  • When the sensuality meter reaches 0, the action skills will be hidden until you move to the next skill. However, you will still get the full mind meter, unless the mind meter is 0 when you use Go into heat action skill, in which you will still get 50% full on the next skill.

H-Skill Selection