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At the beginning of each day, the schedule for active maids can be adjusted. For each maid, a daytime and a nighttime activity can be chosen (However, Maid Training occupies both day and nighttime).
In COM3D2, the difference between Daytime Activities and Nighttime Activities has been removed. You can now perform Night Service and VIP events on the day, as well as making the maid work at various facilities at night.


Activities improve the maid's daytime stat (Care, Sweetness, Elegance, Charm, Cooking, Dance, Singing). They also improve her Reception Stat and grant Maid Class EXP towards the next Rank of the maid's current Maid class.

  • While doing daytime activities, your maid have 10% chance for great success or failure. These three results will give you different bonuses, you can reduce the failure result by supervise to your maid.
Symbol Result Bonus
Great Success +50% Stats Result
Success None
× Failure -50% Stats Result
  • If you choose supervise a maid during her activities, your maid gain more stats 30% from normal stats and +5 impression.
  • In addition, the maid also gains more aptitude in performing the chosen task. This is shown with a bar that gradually fills blue as the maid repeatedly performs the task. Once the bar is completly filled, the maid gains an additional star for that activity, which results in increased stat gains while performing the task. Up to 2 additional stats can be gained (the first one is present from the start).

Maid Training Activity
The Maid training activity is a special case. It can only be selected by maids other than the head maid and upon selection, the head maid also gets assigned to the maid training.

  • This activity occupies both the day and night activity field and grants stat increase to the trainee. The amount of stat increase is determined by the stats of the head maid and her leadership stat. At 100 leadership the head maid provides approximately 3% of her own stats as bonus to the trainee (fractions always seem to be rounded up). So if the head maid has 9999 charm and 100 leadership, maid training would provide +300 charm for the trainee.
  • While not shown when selecting the schedule, Maid Training does increase the night stat of the trainee by the same 3.3% percentage on all night stats.
  • Using the Maid training activity reduces immaturity of the trainee by 4. Once the immaturity reaches zero, the maid would unable to be trained anymore. The head maid does not gain any stat increases or other benefits from this.

Reinforce Activity
The Reinforce activity is a new activity introduced in COM3D2.

  • This activity allows a maid to reinforce one facility. Doing so allows maids working in that facility to gain extra Maid Class EXP, Evaluation or Income, depending on the type of facility.

Note: If NTR block is turned on, SM Club and Soapland cannot be reinforced.
Note 2: Collab Facilities and DLC Facilities are currently unable to be reinforced.


In COM3D2, all Work activities require you to have built a certain facility.

  • There are 2 versions of each type of facilities, Normal version and Luxury version, each with their own different activities (exception to this are Training Room, SM Club, Soapland, Seaside Cafe and Rance 10 Themed Cafe).
  • Building a facility takes one day to complete. During that day, it's unavailable for use.
  • Some facilities require your club to have reached a certain star rating.
  • Luxury facilities give maids more stats, more funds, but are also more expensive to build.
  • You can remove, replace or reinforce any facilities you have.

Note: Training Room and Theater cannot be built or removed

  • There is a minimum number and a maximum of people required to be working at a facility. If not enough people are present, that activity will automatically be consider as Failure, and the maid won't gain any stat, nor earn any funds. Each facility only allows a maximum number of maids working in it. (Refer to the Activities Table below)
Name Price Preview Image Installation Image
Training Room Unavailable
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-13-31.png
Theater Unavailable
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-16-37.png
Open Cafe 500000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-25-07.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-26-42.png
Restaurant 1000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-43-27.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-28-37.png
Bar 750000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-42-45.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-28-48.png
Casino 5000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-56-42.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-28-55.png
Hotel 2500000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-43-12.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-29-04.png
Spa 3500000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-42-22.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-29-15.png
Luxury Cafe 12000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-36-29.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-29-29.png
Luxury Restaurant 15000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-36-51.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-29-38.png
High-end Theater 25000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-36-43.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-29-48.png
Luxury Bar 20000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-36-58.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-29-57.png
Luxury Hotel 30000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-36-37.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-30-09.png
Luxury Spa 45000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-37-35.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-30-18.png
Luxury Casino 30000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-37-24.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-30-28.png
Soapland 8000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-37-13.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-30-48.png
SM Club 10000000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-37-41.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-30-57.png
Rance 10 Themed Cafe
(Collab Vol. 29)
500000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-42-30.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-31-05.png
Seaside Cafe
(Season Pack: Summer 2018)
500000 CR
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-42-38.png
COM3D2x64 2018-06-26 08-31-13.png

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