Custom Order Maid 3D 2: Maid Profile

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all characters are at least 18

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 [edit]


Choose the name that you will call our maid.
  • First box is Surname, second box is Name.
  • When you completely finish creating your maid you'll be given the prompt:

Note: you can't be able to change maid name later. please be careful decision before press.

What will you call your maid by?
Surname (苗字で呼ぶ) Name (名前で呼ぶ)


Relationship - 関係


Status - 状態

Day&Night Maid Status

Day Sweetness - 可憐
Elegance - 気品
Charm - 魅惑
Care - お世話
Reception - 接待
Cooking - 料理
Dance - ダンス
Vocal - ボーカル
Night Lust - 淫欲
Masochism - M性
Perversion - 変態
Service - 奉仕

Maid Type

Choose the maid type

Personal maid - 専属メイド

Free Maid - フリーメイド