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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D 2 [edit]

==Maid Creation: The Profile's Contents==' Upon near completion of your custom maid the last thing you will touch up on will be the profile of your maid. Upon selection of the profile button in the character creator you'll be shown a contract card that lists many things for you to do like creating a name for your maid, choosing her personality, her sexual experience, and her day and night/yotogi stat allocation. From top to bottom all information shown is:

契約タイプ - Contract Type

  • Your maid's work status. In the beginning she will start as the default "育成/Training(Or "In Training")".

メイドスキル - Maid Skills/Skills

  • (Needs explanation.)

夜伽スキル - Yotogi Skills/H Skills

  • (Needs explanation.)

特徴 - Traits

  • Unique effects to a personality that are decided by a maid's day stat allocation on creation only(?). The list of required stats to get a trait and what personality has which trait are:

(Names of traits in need of translation)

Trait Required Personality Required Condition
天使 (Angelic) 純真 (Innocent) 可憐 (Sweetness) 300
優美 (Graceful) 純真 (Innocent) 気品 (Grace) 300
元気な笑顔 (Cheerful Smile) 純真 (Innocent) 魅惑 (Charm) 300
魅了 (Charming) 純真 (Innocent) 可憐 (Sweetness) 1200
純真無垢 (Innocent Naive) 純真 (Innocent) 気品 (Grace) 1200
朗らかな魅力 (Cheerful Charm) 純真 (Innocent) 魅惑 (Charm) 1200
恥ずかしがり屋 (Shy) クーデレ (Kuudere) 可憐 (Sweetness) 300
凛とした (Dignity) クーデレ(Kuudere) 気品 (Grace) 300
大人びた魅力 (Matured Appeal) クーデレ (Kuudere) and ツンデレ (Tsundere) 魅惑 (Charm) 300
素直 (Obedient) クーデレ (Kuudere) 可憐 (Sweetness) 1200
高貴 (Classy) クーデレ (Kuudere) 気品 (Grace) 1200
魔性の魅力 (Devilish Charm) クーデレ (Kuudere) 魅惑 (Charm) 1200
とことん尽くす (Completely Devoted) ツンデレ (Tsundere) 可憐 (Sweetness) 300
上品 (Elegant) ツンデレ (Tsundere) 気品 (Grace) 300
傅く ツンデレ(Tsundere) 可憐 (Sweetness) 1200
優雅 (Elegance) ツンデレ (Tsundere) 気品 (Grace) 1200
妖艶な魅力 (Alluring Charm) ツンデレ (Tsundere) 魅惑 (Charm) 1200
過去の秘密 (Secret Past) 両方 (All)

可憐 (Sweetness) 1000
気品 (Grace) 300 
魅惑 (Charm) 1500 
淫欲 (Lust) 300
M性 (Masochism) 300 
変態 (Perversion) 300 
奉仕 (Service) 300

過去の過ち (Mistaken Past) 両方 (All)

魅惑 (Charm) 1000 
淫欲 (Lust) 2000 
M性 (Masochism) 1000 
変態 (Perversion) 1000 
奉仕 (Service) 1000

性癪 - H Traits

  • Shows 性感帯/Erogenous Zone percentages and 性癖/Fetish.
    • Increased Erogenous Zones unlocks red options during certain positions.

性感帯 - Erogenous Zone

List of erogenous zones on your maid and their sensitivity(?) percentages, to increase them you have to do activities involving the specific body part.

  • 口 - Mouth
    • To 100% this you have to kiss your maid.
  • 喉 - Throat
  • 乳首 - Nipple
  • クリトリス -Clitoris

性癖 - Fetish

Fetishes have unique effects to sexual activities that are decided by a maid's night stat allocation on creation only(?). Maids that have fetishes also have different spoken lines, preferences, and tendencies during sex. As well as starting off with certain activities. The list of required stats to achieve a fetish are:

(This section needs editing)

Fetish Required Condition Activity Gained From Start
変態 (Pervert) 変態 (Perversion) 5000 犬プレイ (Pet Play)
淫乱 (Lewd) 淫欲 (Lust) 5000 太バイブ責め (Thick Vibrator)
M女 (Maso Girl) M性 (Masochism) 5000 拘束系プレイ (Restraint Play)
2穴好き (Likes 2Hole) ??? バイブ責めアナルセックス正常位 (Anal Missionary Sex with Vibrator)
奉仕好き (Likes Service) 奉仕 (Service) 5000 セルフイラマ (Self-Irrumatio)
尻穴好き (Likes Anal) ??? グラインドアナルセックス騎乗位 (Grinding Cowgirl Anal Sex)
飲精好き (Likes Drinking Semen) ??? フェラチオ (Fellatio)
中出し好き (Likes Vagina) ??? セックス正常位 (Missionary Sex)

名前 - Name

  • First box is Surname, second box is Name.

When you completely finish creating your maid you'll be given the prompt:

  • 名前と苗字のどちらで呼びますか? Will you call your maid by her given surname or name?
    • 苗字 - Surname
    • 名前 - Name

性格 - Personality

  • Her chosen personality between:
    • 純真 - Innocent: 純真で健気な妹系
      • The innocent, imouto type.
    • クーデレ - Kuudere: クールで大人びている
      • The cool, and mature type.
    • ツンデレ - Tsundere: プライドが高く負けず嫌い
      • The proud, and unyielding type.

性経験 - Sexual experience

  • Her sexual experiences, or lack of.
    • 処女 - Virgin
      • Never had sex before.
    • 経験あり - Experience
      • Has had vaginal sex before, but not anal sex.
    • 後ろ経験あり - Anal Experience
      • Has had anal sex before, but not vaginal sex.
    • 両穴経験あり - Both Holes Experienced.
      • Has had both vaginal, and anal sex before.

メイドクラス - Maid class

  • Your maid's day time class, her class level, and her experience. Your first maid will start as the default, Novice Maid (ノービスメード). More info on how to change your maid's class on the Maid Classes page.

夜伽クラス - Night/Yotogi class

  • Your maid's night time class, her class level, and her experience. Your first maid will start as the default, Debut Maid (デビューメード). More info on how to change your maid's class on the Maid Classes page.


身長 - Height

  • Her height in centimeters.

体重 - Weight

  • Her weight in kilograms.

バスト - Bust

  • Her bust measurement.

ウエスト - Waist

  • Her waist measurement.

ヒップ - Hip

  • Her hip measurement.

状態 - Status

  • The description of your maid's affection towards you, based off 好感度 - Favour. Her status will change as her favour increases. A higher favour not only makes a maid open up to you more it also unlocks costumes for your maid to wear. The requirements of favour for status changes are:
Status Requirement Reward
緊張 (Nervous) Default None
緊張 (Close) 20 好感度 (Favour) None
信頼 (Trusted) 50 好感度 (Favour) 体操服セット (Gymnastics Uniform Set)
恋人 (Lover) 80 好感度 (Favour) 裸エプロン (Naked Apron)
愛奴 (Love Slave) 100 好感度 (Favour) and chosen maid class ルードネスメイ(Lewd Maid) or スレイブメイド(Slave maid)

reach to Lv.5 make your maid a love slave

デザイアボンテージセット (Desire Bondage Set)

夜伽回数 - Yotogi Servicese

  • How many times she's done Night Time/Yotogi related work.

接客回数 - Entertained

  • Number of customers entertained.

体力 - Stamina

  • Maid's total stamina. Every action during Yotogi costs a certain amount of stamina.

好感度 - Favour

  • Favour is the maid's opinion of you in a numerical form. You raise this during pre-sex chat, and other activities. Higher favour results in 状態 - Status changes.

理性 - Reason

  • Maid's total reason. A determinate during sex, explained in H-Guide.

精神 - Mind

  • Maid's total mind stat. A determinate during sex. The higher 精神 - Mind is the more actions per position your maid can do. Explained in H-Guide.

接待 - Reception

  • (Needs better explanation.)

お世話 - Care

  • Maid's total care. (Needs better explanation.)

習得率 - Learning Rate

  • Maid's learning rate. Decreases as she performs different sexual actions.(Needs better explanation.)

指導 - Leadership

  • Maid's ability to guide other maids.

Day&Night Maid Status

Day Night
  • 可憐 (Sweetness)
  • 気品 (Grace)
  • 魅惑 (Charm)
  • 淫欲 (Lust)
  • M性 (Masochism)
  • 変態 (Perversion)
  • 奉仕 (Service)

メイドポイント - Maid Points

  • Maid points that you distribute to Day/Night stats. Get more maid points by fulfilling achievements. When you start a new game you only get 20 maid points to allocate.

プロフィールコメン卜 - Profile Comments

  • Generated comments based on measurements, personality, and stats.

フリーコメント - Free Comments

  • User-made custom comments.