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Maids have two classes, one that corresponds to daytime activities and one that corresponds to nighttime activities. Each class beyond the first must be unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements, and each maid can progress in their class up to the maximum level 10. A maid can only be assigned to one class at a time, but anything unlocked from a certain class will stay unlocked if the maid is moved to a different class afterwards. Maids with sufficiently high stats can start in a different class.

Please note that the translations below are literal. If a different translation is settled upon later, these will need to be updated.

Maid Class
Class Requirement Reward
Novice Maid (ノービスメード) Default Class None
Lovely Maid (ラブリーメード) 可憐/Sweetness 1500 Unlocks the Lovely Maid Uniform.
Elegant Maid (エレガンスメード) 気品/Elegance 1500 Unlocks the Elegance Maid Uniform.
Sexy Maid (セクシーメード) 魅惑/Charm 1500 Unlocks the Sexy Maid Uniform.
Innocent Maid (イノセントメード) 可憐/Sweetness 3000 + 気品/Elegance 3000 Unlocks the Innocent Maid Uniform.
Charming Maid (チャームメード) 気品/Elegance 3000 + 魅惑/Charm 3000 Unlocks the Charming Maid Uniform.
Lady Maid (レディーメード) 可憐/Sweetness 3000 + 魅惑/Charm 3000 Unlocks the Lady Maid Uniform.
Night/Yotogi Class
Class Requirement Reward
Debut Maid (デビューメード) Default Class None
Lewd Maid (ルードネスメード) 淫欲/Lust 2000 Unlocks Bath Robe at lvl 5.
Slave Maid (スレイブメード) M性/Masochism 2000 None(?)
Abnormal Maid (アブノーマルメード) 変態/Perversion 2000 None(?)
Service Maid (サービスメード) 変態/Perversion4000 + 奉仕/Service 4000 None(?)
Escort Maid (エスコートメード) 淫欲/Lust 4000 + M性/Masochism 4000 None(?)
Soap Maid (ソープメード) M性/Masochism 4000 + 奉仕/Service 4000 None(?)