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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D [edit]

  • Technical Help


Frequently asked questions.


  • Q: WinRAR can't extract "<Your download location>\カスタムメイド3D\(18禁ゲーム) [110128] [KISS] カスタムメイド3D (iso+mds rr3%).rar". Help?
    A: Rename it to e.g. "c:\downloads\game.rar" and it will work.
  • Q: I can't mount the "cm3d.ISO" in Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, Nero etc.? What can I do?
    A: Put it in an English folder, e.g. "C:\Downloads" and you can mount it.
  • Q: When I try and run Installer.exe I get an error about the installer not being a valid application.
    A: You have to run AppLocale as Administrator to get it to work. Read How to install to learn how to install and run a Japanese game on your non-Japanese Windows.
  • Q: I installed the latest translations and now all my maid skills were reset. Please help!?
    A: All the skills has been translated, so that's why they don't work anymore. You can fix your save game by using this tool by Menelol.

Running the game

Running without AppLocale
Running without AppLocale
  • Q: I get an error when running the game: "This product is a game that can play only in Japan.". What can I do?
    A: You must run the game with AppLocale (Japanese locale). Learn more about using AppLocale.
  • Q: I get an error when running the game: "PlayCsvData.cpp 535 - error toy put id." (or similar). What can I do?
    A: You must run the game with AppLocale (Japanese locale). Learn more about using AppLocale.
  • Q: On day 20 (the day of the ending), the game does not respond. This happens exactly when the ending song should play. I just get a black screen and the game simply stops, leaving me nothing to do. What can I do?
    A: This is due to a problem with your installed video codecs. Installing the CCCP codec pack (or ffdshow) should fix it.
  • Q: I get an error about 'd3dx9_27.dll' that could not be found. What can I do?
    A: You have to update DirectX to be able to play the game.
  • Q: I get a 'createshadererror' when running the game! I have an integrated Intel graphics card and I already installed the latest drivers. What can I do?
    A: Your graphics card doesn't properly support pixel shader, which is required by the game. You can bypass the requirement by manually editing the game settings file config.ini as shown in this video.
  • Q: I get a 'FileCheckError' GameData\Texture2.vac is not present or something like that. What can i do?
    A: Game is not properly installed. Reinstall it.
  • Q: Stuttering/Low FPS when moving the mouse during H-Scenes. What can i do?
    A: This is caused because you have an high DPI mouse wich have a polling rate that the game doesn't support. Go to the control panel of your mouse and lower the "Polling Rate" setting to the lowest one available. For example, with a Razer Naga Epic I lowered it from 1000MHz to 125MHz in the "Razer Control Panel" and solved the problem. NOTE: If you don't have a control panel where make the changes it's because you didn't installed the proper drivers for your mouse. You can download them in the official website of your mouse manufacturer. More info for Razer users here.
  • Q: After I installed the translations/HF Patch my maid lost all her H skills! What can i do?
    A: The translations will break the skills because they also has to be translated in your save game(s). To fix your save game(s) you can use this tool.


  • Q: How do I install plugins/mods/Gold Disk?
    A: Look in the archive (in all the folders). If you can find a *.vac file it's easily installed by just copying them to the "<CM3D install folder>\Plugin" folder (just create the Plugin folder if it doesn't exist).
  • Q: Where do I download the Mods?
    A: The Mods are all at "" *Japanese*. Sometimes the page it's not accessable.

Installing the game

A Japanese game is not meant to run on non-Japanese Windows. To get it to work you have to do some tricks. Click here to learn how to install and run a Japanese game.

Install order

  1. Main game (Custom Maid 3D (Setup+Addons+EngPatch+AppLocal))
  2. Visual Pack (VP)
  3. Skill Pack (SP)
  4. Natsu Pack (Summer Pack, SP)
  5. Personality Pack (PP)
  6. Gold Disk 3
  7. FP (Fuyu Pack)
  8. SP2 (Skill Pack 2)
  9. HP (Spring Pack)
  10. VO (Voice Pack)
  11. NP (Natsu Pack 2012)
  12. Official patch 1.28+, additional DLC and Plug-ins (snowman earring, etc)

New install order

With the 2013 DLCs, the install order above should be disregarded and instead this order should be used:

  1. Main Game [1.0.0]
  2. Personality Pack (PP) [1.20]
  3. Voice Over (VO) [1.26]
  4. Visual Pack 2013 (VP2013) [1.35]
  5. Skills Pack 2013 (SP2013) [1.36]
  6. Skills Pack II 2013 (SPII2013) [1.38]
  7. Season Pack 2013 (SE2013) [1.40]
  8. Skills Pack III (SPIII) [1.43]
  9. Skills Pack IV (SPIV)
  10. MML Bonus Pack
  11. Skills Pack V (SPV) [1.52]
  12. Update 1.53