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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D [edit]


Talk screen

The point of the game is to train your own made maid through specific activities (mostly H). Depending on what you decide to do with her, her stats will change and she also gain experience and levels both overall and in that specific activity. Higher girl's levels raise stats (e.g. endurance during H) and unlock clothes, while higher specific skill levels unlock more skills and activities (e.g. high levels of SM skills add SM activities to many other basic skills). The game's time is split up into days. At the start of each day you can:

  • Talk to the maid
  • Go to the playroom with her (start H)
  • Take a maid examination (raise maid rank, unlock clothes and raise important stats).

If you chose to talk to the maid you will enter the club and get following options:

  • Make her dance on stage (no specific effect on the maid)
  • Cosplay (change her clothes)
  • Talk to her (affects personality)
  • Go to the playroom.


Game's story is minimal, there is only an introduction that plays like an VN. Rest of the game is played similarly to a dating sim. Story is 20 days long, after that you enter free mode. You are invited by your uncle to help him. He wants you to regain a VIP club that specifies in maids and service. To do so he tells you to train your own maid and with her help take over the business. He already prepared your maid, which turned out to be your childhood friend. It's up to you to make or break her, you decide to take the job.

To finish the story part of the game and continue with the infinite mode you need to get your maid to rank 11 by day 20. From then on you can do what ever you want and create more maids.


Personality screen

There are four main personalities that can be chosen when you first create your maid:

  • Spoiled (top corner of the diamond)
  • Innocent (left corner of the diamond
  • Kuudere (Cool-dere, bottom corner of the diamond)
  • Tsundere (right corner of the diamond)

Each personality has different base stats and a unique voice that can have one of four moods. Mood can be changed in the profile menu at any time under "voice". Of note, the kuudere voice is significantly deeper than the other three.

Changing the Personality

Personality is affected by some of the actions during H scenes as well as by conversations. For example H with someone other than the player (including the 3P scenes) will pull the personality pointer on the diamond towards tsundere (to the right). On the other hand, ejaculating inside (anywhere, basically) or kissing tends to increase gentleness (to the left). Those are only examples, there are many other actions that affect girl's personality.

Vertical position of the pointer (up and down) is changed mainly from conversation.

When the personality pointer touches different personality's field it will jump to the starting point (point at the endge you are at in the beginning) of that personality. During the next day girl will ask you if she should change her personality. If you select "No" the pointer will reset to the starting point of her current personality. If you select "Yes" her personality will change and the pointer won't change it's position.



The maximum value of any stat is 9999. Some of the stats can't be increased that high without cheating. When you first create your maid, her stats and her skills are randomly rolled on her profile page depending on your choices (personality, previous H experience). Hitting the random button on the profile page will reroll, it can be beneficial to try and roll for better stats (some stats won't be affected). The maximum reason the girl can have ranges from 180 to 220 depending on initial personality.

Previous experiences will raise all stats other than reason, elegance, and purity by a random amount ranging from 5 to over 100. These boosts include a few random skill levels in some of the activities.

The comment is automatically generated and will reflect any unique properties of the maid.

Initial Personality Bonuses

Personality Reason Elegance Purity Allure
Spoiled 40 0 0 0
Innocent 10 200 500 200
Kuudere 10 400 200 300
Tsundere 0 1700 1000 500

Kuudere is the best balanced option for getting reason and allure.

Stat List and Explanation

Name What does it do and how to increase/decrease it
Servitude Determines how many actions you can do in a sex position. Can be increased through Maid Examinations/Ranking Up (Increases 5 per rank).
Reason Based on personality. This is the Maid's total stamina/will. If it reaches 0 in any way during H, she will pass out and H mode will end.
Pleasure Increases from Vaginal actions and Masturbation.
Service Increases from any Oral position/action.
Masochism Generally increases from the SM Room sex positions, can be increased in various other positions after gaining Red skills in SM.
Perversion Generally increases from posing and cuckolding positions in the Stage/Living Room. Can also increase from Masturbation positions.
Anal Increases from any Anal position.
Elegance Decreases if you cum outside during sex with low Reason or will always fall during certain actions. Increases after ranking up during Maid Examinations and when posing.
Purity Decreases if you cum inside during sex with low Reason or will always fall during certain actions. Increases after ranking up during Maid Examinations and when posing.
Discipline Increases in a similar manner to Masochism. Can be increased from orgasm and conversation (e.g. during washing position). Decreases during Exchange and 3P positions.
Allure Unknown impact. Base on combination of initial stats. Not affected by Reason, Purity, or Elegance. Does not seem to change after character creation when other stats or rank change.

Levels and Ranks

Levels are earned during H scenes while ranks are gained from the Maid Examination. Rank is tied to the Maid's level; if your Maid gains a level her rank will go up during her next examination.

Maid's Level

You can check the Maid's level on the status screen. You can access it from the maid selection screen or any time during H (on the right).

To increase her level you need to raise her stats and level up her skills. When her stats reach a certain point, your Maid will level up (a box will appear). All of those are added together and then checked, so you can gain high levels without even deflowering your Maid (or using any 3P or Exchange skills).

Levels are needed to reach higher ranks during the Maid Examination.

Maid's Rank

To check and increase your Maid's rank, select the third option that appears on the screen at the start of the day (Maid Examination). To reach higher ranks you need higher levels. Additional clothing and titles can be unlocked at each rank.

Rank List

Rank Level Total Stats(*)
11 1 3500+
10 2 7000+
9 3 10500+
8 4 14000+
7 5 17500+
6 6 21000+
5 7 25000+
4 8 29000+
3 9 33000+
2 10 37000+
1 11 43000+
Special 12 43000+, ??
Final 13 43000+, (**)

(*) The total stat points include the Pleasure, Anal, Service, Masochism, Perversion, Elegance, and Purity stats. Discipline, Charm, Servitude, and Reason are not taken into account.

(**) Final rank also requires an additional:

  • 7000+ Discipline
  • 3000+ Elegance and Purity
  • 143 skill levels ups in:
    • Pleasure
    • Anal
    • Service
    • SM
    • Perversion


There are 11 rooms in total (6 added through updates and packs). There is a special category of H events in certain rooms:

  • Play Room
  • Bath
    • Bathing skills can only be used here.
  • Courtyard
    • Exhibition skills can be used here.
  • Stage
    • 3P skills, Yuri skills, and Exchange skills can be used here.
  • Poolside
    • Pool positions, 3P skills, and Yuri skills can be used here.
  • Basement
    • SM skills can only be used here.
  • City
    • Exhibition skills can be used here.
  • Cosplay Square
    • Exbibition skills can be used here.
  • Living Room
    • 3P skills, Yuri skills, and Exchange skills can be used here.
  • Toilet
    • Toilet Skills can be used here.
  • Mansion (NEW)
    • Similar to Play Room