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The year is 20XX A.D. Yuuki goes to an island in search of the symbol element of the power of god. The Eisen Kreuz guild, Arcana clan, and Osei clan are also in search of this element. A shiki attacks Yuuki when he gets on the island. And then he meet the guild and the clan. After meeting them he travels with one of the three clans. He fights the rival female characters against him. Yayoi gets attacked by Mukuro Gyoubu and Yuuki defends her. At the end he finds out that she had the element of the power of god.

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all characters are at least 18

Battle Raper 2 [edit]



Battle Raper 2
BattleRaper2 Cover.jpg
Developer: Illusion
Release date: April 22, 2005
Theme: None
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No HF Patch - No Plugin - Illusion
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Battle Raper 2 is a Japanese video game that is the second game in the Battle Raper Series. The game is a 3D fighter where you are able to knock the female opponent's clothing off through combat. The story line has no relations to the original Battle Raper. In Battle Raper 2 there is no raping in the whole game even though the title may imply that there is. In this Battle Raper you also have the option of editing the clothing and weapons of characters. In combat every character has unlimited guard, a move that can not be blocked, and a super move.


The main character that you play as is Yuuki Kukami. He is armed with a sword and a gauntlet called the Soul Eater. He is followed by a succubus named Eliza who turns into the sword. His element is Dark Flame.

Female Characters

Yayoi Mibu

Yayoi Mibu is a dark-haired young woman who is a member of the Eisen Kreuz guild. She is armed with a Holy dragon blade. She is a very hot-tempered, prone to letting her sword do the talking. Despite her personality, she is fond of cute things (like Eliza [or Moka, trans. from the game], Yuuki's succubus familiar). Her element is wind.

Elferris Kyougoku

Elferris is a blond girl who is armed with a weapon called 'Zubra' which is similar to a rapier. Like, Yayoi, she is also a member of the Eisen Kreuz guild, and is her superior. Elferris, in contrast to Yayoi, is regal and dignified, and would resort to using her sword only as a last resort. Her element is thunder.

Yura Kamishiro

Yura is a girl with orange hair in the Arcana clan which finds artifacts. She uses two Eagle Claws and holds an artifact which allows her to use the element of fire. Yura is more rambunctious and outgoing than her bespectacled older sister.

Sara Kamishiro

Sara is Yura's older sister. She is a member of the Arcana clan who specializes in computers. She is armed with a Dread Scythe. Her element is vorpal. Sara is sent in with her sister, Yura, to search for the Divine Element.

Setsuna Yagami

Setsuna is a ninja of the Osei clan. She is armed with the sun and moon daggers. She uses the elements of Light and Darkness. In the story-mode, from the conversations, it is clear that Yuuki knows Setsuna, and that she has not forgotten him.


Shiki Shiki roam the island in hopes of preserving it. They spit acid and use hand to hand combat.

Mukuro Gyoubu Mukuro Gyoubu uses a large claw in combat. He seeks the power of god and was corrupted by it.


Story mode In story mode you get to fight the monsters and other female characters. You have one of the female characters accompany you while you travel the island. In the end you get to have sex with the female character who accompanies you

Free mode

Vs CPU is where you get to fight against a computer character. Finish 10 rounds of battle with the same female character to unlock new clothing items.

Vs 2 player allows you to battle a friend.


Touch mode allows you to heal injured characters. Heal them in the order of left to right to get items on the bar below to unlock clothing items.

Replay mode allows you to have sex with any female characters you finished the storyline with. To change their positons you wait for the characters to move themselves.

Sexy Raper

Sexy Raper is an add-on to Battle Raper 2 which allows you to take pictures of all the female characters in poses with different outfits and backgrounds. You can also change their Facial expressions and eye position.

Cap Raper

CapRaper is similar to Sexy Raper, but adds on three characters from Biko 3 and Des Blood 4. The CapRaper addon can be downloaded from Illusion Softs Battle Raper 2 website. The characters from CapRaper can be used in the main Battle Raper game by starting the game with the executable, that comes with the "Battle Raper 2 Plugin", and holding the CTRL key while selecting the first, second or the fifth character. The first character will then be Esk, the second Mayu and the fifth Bael. The "Battle Reaper 2 Plugin" can also be downloaded from Illusion Softs Battle Raper 2 website.