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Enemy Sensitivity Proclivity Skill(s) Notes
Orc Ass Masochism Masochistic Pig
Goblin Vagina Enjoyment Rape Fantasies
Sex Addict
Creampie Queen
Virginity loss
Dick Vagina Shame Lover of Dick Smell
Dick EX Vagina
Service Lover of Dick Smell
Kissing Monster
Gaze Vagina Enjoyment Mesmerized Mesmerized
Kissy Uncle Mouth Enjoyment Kissing Monster
Kissy Uncle EX Vagina Enjoyment Sex Addict
Creampie Queen
Virginity loss
Nipples Uncle Breasts Shame Harassment Fantasies
Butts Uncle Ass Shame Harassment Fantasies
Gas Mouth Enjoyment Drugged by Aphrodisiac Aphrodisiac
Aphrodisiac Slime Vagina Enjoyment Drugged by Aphrodisiac
Thrusting Tendency
Undress probability
Machine Vagina Enjoyment Sex Addict
Creampie Queen
Combatant Vagina Masochism Masochistic Pig
Combatant EX Mouth Service Cocksucker
Doppelganger Pussy Usage  ?
Enjoyment Slave to Cock
Ejaculation Lover
Doppelganger Sex Usage  ? Enjoyment Slave to Cock
Ejaculation Lover
Virginity loss
Doppelganger Ass
Enjoyment Sex Addict
Pervert Ass Masochism Masochistic Pig
Pervert EX Breasts
Service Kissing Monster
Beast Vagina Enjoyment Harassment Fantasies
Sex Addict
Thrusting Tendency
Creampie Queen
Virginity loss
Dummy Horse Vagina Enjoyment Thrusting Tendency
Fourth Boss Vagina Shame Harassment Fantasies
Fourth Boss EX Vagina
Enjoyment Harassment Fantasies
Thrusting Tendency
Virginity loss
Combatant B Ass
Rape Fantasies
Sex Addict
Thrusting Tendency
Begging for Sex
Creampie Queen
Virginity loss
Worm Vagina
Enjoyment Drugged by Aphrodisiac
Thrusting Tendency
Masturbation Tendency
Undress probability
HP drain
Brainwash Gem Vagina Enjoyment Thrusting Tendency
Sex Addict
Begging for Sex
Imp Vagina Masochism Rape Fantasies
Sex Addict
Creampie Queen
Virginity loss
Leona Mouth Enjoyment Kissing Monster HP Drain
Leona EX  ? Enjoyment Slave to Cock
Ejaculation Lover
HP Drain

user18 (H anime): 20.part




22.xp 23.Damage F 24.stage


25.pleasure power 26.passive growth (user22) 27.passive growth2 (user22) 28.creampie(0.no,1.yes) 29.loss of virginity (0.none,1.loss) 32.aphrodisiac (0.no,1.yes) 33.part2 (0.none,1.mouth,2.breasts,3.ass,4.vagina) 34.undress(0.none,1.probability) 35.drain(0.none,1.HP drain) 36.fascination(0.none,1.fascination addition) 37.impatient(0.none,1.impatient addition) 38.perverted(0.no,1.yes)


Kissy Uncle (black hair)
Nipples Uncle (bald)
Butts Uncle (grey)


H attack: Butt spanking

H attack: Doggy (takes virginity)

Trap: Aphrodisiac Flower

Rhea (boss)
Defeated: Flower Sex (takes virginity)


H attack: Pussy gaze

H attack: Pussy lick

Kissy Uncle (black hair)
H attack: Kissing

Second Boss (tentacle monster)
Defeated: Mesmerized Sex (takes virginity)


H attack: Gas Masturbation

Aphrodisiac Slime
H attack: Body Caress (dissolves clothes)

H attack: Butt Contact

Trap: Brainwashing Machine
H attack: VR

Third Boss (skeleton)
After losing (takes virginity), gain Futanari while captured, which unlocks extra H scenes

  • Dual Onahole
  • Mutual Penetration


Combatant (black)
H attack: Massage

H attack: Standing sex (takes virginity)

Pervert (boy)
H attack: Horseplay

Trap: Training Dummy Horse
H attack: Riding

Fourth Boss (pig)
H attack: Sexual Harassment
After losing, gain Endowment while captured, which unlocks extra H scenes

  • Pervert (boy): Kiss and Hand Job
  • Combatant (black): Fellatio
  • Kissy Uncle (black hair): Riding (takes virginity)
  • Fourth Boss (pig): Cowgirl (takes virginity)

After admitting defeat (takes virginity), gain Perverted Animal

Castle Ruins

Brainwashing Gem
H attack: Dance

H attack: Vore (dissolves clothes)

Combatant B (red)
H attack: Fever Doggy (takes virginity)

H attack: Restrained Missionary (takes virginity)

H attack: Energy Drain
After losing for the first time, Ayura gains Climax Inhibition
After losing again, Ayura gains Increased Climax Duration (temporarily) and Climax Machine


Exposure Tendency

Ayura gets sexually excited when parts that should be hidden are exposed.
Arousal happens when embarrassed.
Clothes can be removed according to her tendency level.

Begging for Sex

Ayura can beg for love proactively.
When she does, she enters Courtship mode.

Do H events while having Courtship

Masturbation Tendency

When aroused, Ayura would immediately want to masturbate.
Use this to begin masturbating.

Increased by Worm.

Drugged by Aphrodisiac

The effects of aphridisiacs seep into her body.
Ayura loves being forcefully aroused by aphrodisiacs.

Increased every time you are affected by Aphrodisiacs

Kissing Monster

Ayura gets excited when kissed, regardless of the kisser.

Increased by Grotto - Kissy man (black hair)

Sex Addict

Ayura is used to drowning in the sensations and pleasures of sex, and is getting reliant on it.

Kissy Uncle while having Endowment
Fourth Boss while having Endowment
Brainwashing Gem
Goblin (Forest)

Masochistic Pig

Ayura has learned the sensations and pleasures of humiliation, pain and torture.

Increased by Forest - Orc (butt spank), Hideout - Pervert / Combatant

Harassment Fantasies

Ayura gets aroused simply by getting touched.
She will want to be touched once she sees a man.

Nipples Uncle (bald)
Butts Uncle (grey)

Unlocks thighjob scene in town bathroom


Ayura falls prey to mesmerization easily. Chances of Mesmerized mode increased.
She gets dazed by sex while mesmerized.

Increased by Grotto - Gazer
Brainwashing Gem
Training Dummy Horse (Hideout)

Lover of Dick Smell

Ayura's womb gets excited when she smells male reproductive organs.

Increased by Grotto - Dick
Increased by being in the town bathroom

Unlocks dirty underwear scene in town bathroom


Ayura loves taking dick in her mouth.
She can't help but suck on a penis if it's presented to her.

Combatant (Hideout) while having Endowment

Creampie Queen

Ayura will encourage baby-making with a partner whose name she doesn't even know.
She's a perverted slave to reproductive instincts.

Increased by getting cummed inside
Combatant B (Castle)

Rape Fantasies

This is a pervert who would fall in love from having forced sex.
She gets aroused when she's about to get raped because she masturbates to such thoughts.

Imp (Castle Ruins)
Goblin (Forest)

Perverted Animal

She is trained to be a convenient female for men.
A sex pet, controlled like a lowly being and used to relieve lust.

Increased by losing to Hideout Boss and admitting your defeat

Ejaculation Lover

When her penis gets stimulated, her mind becomes full of the thought of coming.

Increased by climaxing as futanari

Slave to Cock

She will do whatever embarrasing things it takes to feel pleasure with her dick and come.

Increased by having sex as futanari

Thrusting Tendency

Like a dog in heat, she thrusts her hips in a shameful way.
Her body has learned how to shake her hips like a woman.

From Worm or Brainwashing Gem.
Fourth Boss while having Endowment
Training Dummy Horse (Hideout)




Sensitive Mouth

Weak to sex involving the mouth, such as fellatio and kissing.

Sensitive Breasts

Weak to sex involving breasts, such as breast-caressing and nipple-teasing.

Sensitive Butt

Weak to sex involving the butt, such as spanking or butt-caressing.

Sensitive Vagina

Weak to sex involving ministrations of the clitoris or vulvar.


When Arousal rises too much, Ayura may enter Aroused state.
The probability of activation increases with the Arousal value.
Arousal value increases automatically, and the scaling factor of Pleasurable damage is increased.
Enemies' sexual attacks become more intense.
Dialogues for when receiving sexual attacks will change.
After a while, the mode will automatically disable with a drop in Arousal.
This mode will also be disabled upon activation of Overdrive mode.
Activation probability also increases with Pleasure, aphrodisiacs and mode.


Arousal value increases automatically for a while, and the scaling factor of Pleasurable damage is increased.
After gaining a certain passive skill, the effects and duration will increase even more.
When Drugged, Ayura cannot leave Aroused state.

Perverted Arousal

This is the advanced state of Arousal. Ayura enters this state when her Arousal increases beyond 100.
Her resistance against erotic attacks drops significantly.
When in this state, Ayura cannot leave Aroused state.


This state indicates that HP has fallen below a certain level.


Ayura enters this state when her Stun value (the white gauge above the HP gauge) reaches maximum after constantly taking attacks.
Ayura will be temporarily immobilized, and be subjected to erotic attacks from enemies (with some exception).
When receiving erotic attacks, she may be forced to perform sexual acts for a duration dependent on her defense.
This duration can be lowered by alternately pressing the left and right keys.


When stripped, Ayura will become Embarrassed.
If she has an Exposure tendency, Arousal will automatically increase in this state.


When Pleasure exceeds 99 and Ayura keeps taking Pleasurable damage, she will climax.
The chances of climax increase the more erotic attacks she is subjected to with Pleasure exceeding 99.
When activated, she will take immense Pleasurable damage, and MP will fall to 0.


This state indicates that Defense has fallen below a certain level.
Automatic cancellation will not happen when being raped.


Triggered at a certain rate when Aroused.
Activation rate increases according to Arousal, Pleasure, States and certain Passive Skills.
Pleasure and Arousal increases.
Ayura also gets Stunned at the same time.


Triggered when receiving erotic attacks from certain enemies.
Overall resistive stats against erotic attacks gets lowered.
Arousal automatically increases.
Apart from sex, certain attacks can also trigger this state.


Triggered at a certain rate when receiving certain attacks.
In this state, she will be subjected to erotic attacks.
Additionally, Arousal will increase.
Triggered even if a certain Passive Skill is in effect.


Ayura gains male sex organs.
When Aroused, she becomes erect.
Masturbation types also change.
Some erotic attacks also change.


Occurs when Ayura is Aroused as a Futanari.


Triggered when Ayura keeps taking Pleasurable damage without climaxing.
Arousal and Pleasure do not fall, but Masturbation chances increases.
Bonus scaling factor is added to Pleasurable damage.
Deactivates upon climax.

Masturbation Inhibition

Due to a curse, Ayura cannot masturbate even when Aroused.

Climax Inhibition

Due to a curse, Ayura cannot climax.


Ayura's breasts become bigger.
Certain erotic attacks change.

Increased Climax Duration

Duration of Climax doubles.


Ayura gets brainwashed and seduces partners unwittingly.
She also starts Courting when you press the Special key.
Subsides over time.

Climax Machine

Ayura loves climaxing and will come really quickly.
Chance of climax increases.
Deactivates with time but will not deactivate when Aroused.

Resistance 0

Duration of Stun and rape will not automatically decrease.