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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Girl 3 [edit]


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Getting started


(Work in progress)


  • Esc key: Quit menu (left icon quits game, right icon returns to game)
  • F1: Configuration menu
  • 1: Toggle display of guy
  • 2: Toggle your dongle
  • 3: Toggle guy's clothing (if guy display disabled, same as 2)
  • 4: Hide environment (to make it easier to locate girls)
  • 5: Toggle Hand/Lip icons
  • 6: Toggle Camera Center reticle on/off
  • 7: Toggle display girl's state/location icons
  • 8: Toggle exclamation mark above guy's head
  • 9: Toggle back and neck accessories on/off in h-mode


  • When laying your male character down onto a bed, three options are presented. === 저장 ===
    • === 침대에 당신의 남자 캐릭터를 내려놓을 때, 세 가지 옵션이 제공됩니다 . Choose the first option to sleep and save, the second option to sleep without saving, and the third option to cancel sleeping (and saving). 수면 및 저장할 수있는 첫 번째 옵션 저장하지 않고 잠을 잘 수있는 두 번째 옵션, 그리고 안 자고 누워있는세번째 옵션을 (그리고 저장)을 선택합니다.' ===


  • Move forward: W
  • Move backward: S
  • Move left: A (can combine with W or S)
  • Move right: D (can combine with W or S)
  • Walk: hold Shift key while moving
  • Sprint/Dash: hold W/S/A/D (about a 5 second hold)
  • Sprint (with expansion): hold W/S/A/D and press E

Controls in 'Normal' mode

  • Left click: Environment interaction
    • Sit on the ground (default).
    • Lie down/open save menu (on beds).
    • Sit down/lay back (on chairs and sitting surfaces).
    • Open doors/change region.
    • (When sitting or lying down use W to stand up.)
  • Right click: Girl interaction
    • Call her to your side (Oii!).
    • Grab/release left hand (to follow you, must be properly placed).
    • Show affection/enter H-mode.
      • From front: One click to hug. Second click to Kiss. Hold for H-mode.
      • From behind: Click for brief hug. Hold for H-mode.
    • Call for special H-scenes: When sitting or lying down (if available).
    • Talk: When sitting/lying beside her (effect unconfirmed).

Controls in H-mode

Left click:

  • When Open Hand icon is shown: Shift/remove clothing item.
  • On mushroom: Stop main making out/fingering.

Left click + drag:

  • When Open Hand or Mouth icon is shown: Stimulates selected area.
  • On mushroom:
    • Drag up: Move to penetration/penetrate (when available).
    • Drag down: Pull out/cum outside. When in handjob mode, go back to fingering mode. End encounter.

Mouse wheel:

  • On Mushroom: Start pumping. Adjust speed of pumping/foreplay. Switch between slow and fast modes.
  • While fondling with left click + drag: Same as above (mushroom doesn't need to be seen/available).


  • First Person View = Spacebar (for only the guy in Normal mode).
  • Holding Ctrl while in normal mode activates camera mode like in H mode.
  • F11/PrintScrn - takes a photo (pictures stored in data/cap directory of installation folder)
  • Bank spin - tilts the screen diagonally. Period key "." spins clockwise, Backslash "\" spins counter clockwise. Forward slash "/" resets.
  • Preset camera centers:
    • Default = C or number 5
    • Face = V
    • Chest = B
    • Lower body = N
    • Switch between guy and girl (girl has to be in same area) = M
  • Camera rotation = numeric 2,4,6,8 (reset = 5 or C); Ctrl+left drag
  • Camera center motion with respect to the current camera angle:
    • Up/down/left/right: Ctrl+Wheel drag
  • Camera center motion with respect to in-game z-axis: Page up/Page down, Ctrl+right-drag up/down
  • Camera zoom in/out (home/End); mousewheel; Ctrl+right-drag left/right
  • Pan adjustment: "]" pans out, ";" pans in.


(Work in progress)

Each girl has three seperate moods.

  1. Jealousy - This is how jealous the girl is (Yellow Color)
  2. Love - This is how much the girl is in love with you (Red Color)
  3. Friendship - This is how much of a friend the girl considers you (Green Color)

Each of these items is associated with it's own number in the js3csd file. Different activities modify the levels of each mood, both positively and negatively. The highest mood +- some is used to give the color. Because of this it is possible to go from Blue to Red without passing through Green. H actions modify Love, spending time modifies Friendship hugging modifies Friendship mostly. Reverse hugging (hugging from behind) modifies Love. So with many reverse hugs it is possible to go straight from blue to red. The "Lewd" personality trait allows H-actions to quickly bring a girl into a red state as well.

The icons on the bottom left of the screen indicate your girl's location and mood. Modifying the moods changes the colors.

Changing Mood:

Things that are known to alter a girl's mood in a POSITIVE way:

  • Hugging and Kissing.
  • Eating with her.
  • Holding her hand and traveling to different locations.
  • Sitting on the couch with her (you have to be leaned back with the left mouse button). If done correctly she will put her head on your shoulder.
  • Sleeping in the same bed as her.
  • Sex (only if you satisfy her).

Things that are known to alter a girl's mood in a NEGATIVE way:

  • Not interacting with her for a prolonged period of time.
  • Walking in on her while she urinates.
  • Walking in on her while she bathes.
  • Having sex with her in front of other girls.
  • Having her watch you have sex with another girl.

EXCEPTIONS are girls with the Lewd trait, in which watching you have sex with another girl, walking in on her while she is urinating and walking in on her while she is bathing will affect her mood in a POSITIVE way.

The changes are not that obvious so you might not really notice. The key thing is to do activities with each girl and spend time with them. Ignoring a girl and doing things to make her unhappy will have a negative impact. Her personality traits can magnify/alter the affects and reactions.

Note that different traits appear to affect what a girl will do with a different colored icon. For example, sex still seems possible with a girl who has a blue icon, but have the Strong Sexual Appetite and Sensitive trait (other trait combinations allow this, as well).

In addition to the color, there are also kanji characters inside the mood icons. Each icon represents one of the girls currently in your world, and the kanji character tell you the current location of that girl. If an icon is highlighted, it means that that girl is in the same location as you.


Map with the kanji marked and translated: Artificial Girl 3 Map

Blue Icon:

Means that she's not comfortable with you hugging or kissing her.

Note: It is possible to get the girl to access the H-scene with only the blue icon ONLY if the girl has a Lewd personality (other personalities are unconfirmed).

Green Icon:

The green color indicates that the girl likes you. She will allow you to hug her and when worked a bit she will let you kiss and eventually do her (what positions are available depends on where you approach her, behind, front, in bed etc.). She will also not leave a room as randomly. She'll stay in the room and wait for you.

Red Icon:

The red color indicates that the girl in question loves you. In this state, girls with any type of personality trait will enter into H-mode.

Yellow Icon:

The yellow color indicates that the girl in question has entered a "jealous" state.

Note : The more girls that are in your world, the longer it takes to increase each girl's state to the red "love" state. In addition, each of the girls' states can revert back from red to green and from green to blue if you ignore her for too long, or if you do things to displease her (such as walking in on her while she's undressing/naked in the bathroom).


  • Move after giving her a hug instead of trying to kiss her if she isn't comfortable with it, you can easily achieve a green icon by just hugging her repeatedly, it kinda ruins the fun but it works.
  • Try hug her and press W. It is raising mood condition very fast.
  • If you're lazy and just want the action you should give her the Horny and Lewd traits, she'll be up for pretty much anything with relatively little effort, but that also kinda ruins the fun.
  • The girl can go straight from red to blue if you don't do anything with her for some time, which depends on many factors. If you notice this early enough, a quick intercourse will probably get her back to red easily, but if you prolong it you have to get her back up the hard way through stages of green. Even calling her/looking at her/holding hands for brief periods of time every now and then will lengthen this time considerably (unconfirmed if it will prevent the red to blue transition altogether).

Influence of Traits

(see Traits)