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all characters are at least 18

Artificial Academy 2 [edit]

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Guide for Secret Love life

If you want to avoid jealousy there is a way to make you love life all secret with no status change even you get full interactions with every girl.

  • Make your male charactor with "Deaf" Trait. Deaf will help alot by answer "Huh?" at every girl sudden interactions. it nearly has no effect in your relationship
  • Make your male charactor Rainbow card. You will run at ridiculously fast speed that outrun every girl ingame (not another Rainbow with full Sport stat of course) and you will easily escape when they all surround you with the girl you wanna do interactions too
  • Don't be hesitate to answer "Huh?" to every girl interactions.Because just one kiss will ruin all the secret
  • If you are the only male "Boy's Toilet" and "Boy's Changing room" will be the place no girl will enter. So it's the best place to do interactions without any interupt or be seen. But if your relationship not high enough she will refuse to get inside So try to daily talk till you get 80% or more when you ask them to follow you (some girl type can be at 70% or lower, Just try) before you drag her in there
  • After get inside if she still follow you she will not try to runaway, so feel free to position her on screen for easily click. After you ready,Click at the girl and do interactions you want. After conversations end, quickly click on the girl again and start another interactions. and repeat as you like
  • This way the girl will has no time to runaway out of the room. And your interactions or even sex will not be seen or interupt by any other girl
  • Also, if you can get her to follow you into Boy's room (about 80-100%+ when ask to follow you) that's mean she will be willing to follow you into secret place too (only few girl type may still refues) so you can drag them into Boy's room secret place for sex too (if it's Boy Shower's Secret place. you will get nice effect of shiny skin to both of you too)
  • If you don't do anything outside Boy's room accept normal talk, your love stat will never change to "Cheater" or anything. Just make sure not to ignore a girl too long. and if you mess up by kissing someone in public, Load the Save and don't do it again

Note that sometimes your lovers may comment about the possibility of you cheating even if nobody tells them rumors but this has no impact on the game.

Quick Guide On Making Pervert Character

To make a pervert character who can be got on sex from the first day, pick up Lewd/Perverted, Passionate/Romantic traits and take the lowest virtue. Higher sociability makes it easier to interact at the cost of frequent interruptions; but this can be adjusted by traits and updated configuration menu.

In game, use Love and Ero topic to increase Love points and Horniness. The success chance of first sex is like 40% already; Horny mood will multiply it even further. They can be got on sex as Sex Friends without the requirement of being lovers but H compatibility will diminish by time unless you maintain it by more sex. Lover relationship prevents losing H compatibility but they will still seek other NPCs to meet their needs. They are perverts after all.

Orgy Academy

Class relaxes after a club meeting

This is a group sex mode where jealousy and cheating do not exist. It can be a momentary bunch of lewd people all going off at once or it can be a kind of group marriage which is a law unto itself. It can be quick and without much personal interaction or it can use the full intreactive and relationship development options that AA2 offers.

If you use too many cheats, you will skip most part of interactions and relationship developments enhanced in AA2. However, it is possible to combine both. The following gives you the ends of the spectrum to chose from and create with in your own style.


  • Make every characters lowest virtue and high sociability and give them the Lewd/Perverted trait.
  • Maximize the success rate of accepting group sex by using traits that discourage conflict such as calm, romantic, positive etc. "Everyone to horny mood" in updated configuration menu can be used but it will skip the interactions and relationship development options in AA2.
  • Turn off negative relationship modifiers as much as possible. You can get limited results with the configuration options but can get better results by eliminating personalities and traits that are confrontational, negative, disruptive or violent.
  • Fix sexual orientations to bisexual to encourage a group that shares sex freely between them. A Hetero class is viable by enlisting enough male and female characters, but there will be jealousies and conflicts and it is difficult to sustain.
  • You can start slowly with 4 students, and make each student become lovers with all the other students, introducing new students one at a time to increase the class. Or you can take any class and set everyone to be lovers via an editor, but this will bypass the relationship development of the game.
  • Increase characters' Love points to maximum by savegame then using an editor. This is best for a group marriage type game. Or you can adjust the love increase ratio in configuration menu to help quickly create a mindless group H situation but it will bypass the relationship development aspects of the game.
  • Disable interruption behaviors in config to avoid constant interference and 3P offers from NPCs.
  • Consider if you want a teacher. If you do, consider what role you want the teacher to play and adjust the personality and traits to accomplish that. If the teacher participates in sex and you want the teacher to stay, do not have a Class President.
  • Consider if you want to include or turn off the pregnancy options.

The three most important points are 1. to keep love points at a maximum, 2. have everyone lovers with everyone else, 3. keep violent, interruptive and other negative behavior at a minimum.


Group sex with partners freely interchanging without jealousy or cheating.