Adding a new page

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You may create a new page with any of the following methods:

Using an existing page, inserting a link to the page you plan to create

  1. Edit a page in which you want to have a link to your new page.
  2. Insert [[New Page]] and save it.
  3. The link will be shown in red. Click on it.
  4. Fill your new page and save it.

If you search for your new page and it doesn't exist already

  1. If a search for your page fails you will see a message like this:
    Create the page "New Page" on this wiki!
  2. Click on the link shown in red.
  3. Fill your new page and save it.

Editing the URL in your browser

  1. In the address input field of your browser, replace "index.php/..." with "NewPage"
  2. Fill your new page and save it.