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General modding

Accidental woman supports modding of many different parts of the game. One of the core concepts regarding making your very own mods for AW are .AWR (AW recources) and .AWM (AW mods) files which contains your mod images and information.

Caution! Accidental Woman has been designed from the ground up to support player customization and modding. Despite this, loading custom items, sex actions/positions, scenes, events, and scenarios (or whatever else) can result in all manner of bugs, including game-breaking ones. While basic checks on mod file data will be performed, it's impossible to verify every possible aspect of loaded data. There are limits on what is possible, especially for an independant develper... If you are using mods and encounter an error, please try without the mod (or in a different order) before reporting it as a bug.


Resource files are created with a special tool that is distributed with the game. You can use it to create archives of images that you can load into the game using the Custom Content Loading Page.


Mod files are created with another special tool that is distributed with the game too. Using the siple markup you can create then compile them into the file that you can load into the game using the Custom Content Loading Page.

Q&A =

Q: I was using the AWR image creator and trying to figure out how to swap the character image to something that I have. I was able to make the file, but I don't know how to get the game to recognize it as the character portrait.

A: Right now it works, but requires you to replace a couple specific images. It is planned to make a declared override image variable for the PC, but that hasn't been done yet. So, you need to name your image AWHead_[color] where [color] is the color:

  • Tan
  • Pale
  • Fair
  • Bronzed
  • DarkTan
  • DeepTan
  • Brown
  • Black
  • LAsian
  • DAsian

The image should be 265x300px. So if your PC had tanned skin, you'd name your replacement "AWHead_Tan.png" and use the image mod file creator to turn that into a mod file, then load it with the mod interface.