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  • Game release
  • Day 1 patch (v1.0.1)
    • Housing Island extension to the story
    • Studio Neo v2
    • New hair styles
    • Witch's outfit
    • Witch's Pot housing item


  • Patch release (v1.0.2)
    • Weapon studio items
    • Bug fixes


  • Patch release (v1.0.3)
    • Collection point housing items
    • Dance platform and pole housing items
    • sling shot swim suit
    • new hair styles
    • new accessories
    • Gameplay changes
      • More opportunities for talking to girls
      • Reduced cooldown for talking to girls
      • Can craft items with a full pouch. (items will go into chest)
      • You can give food and drinks to a girl
      • toilet and bath advice options added
      • option to harvest and plant all
    • Bug fixes


  • Announcement. New game elements, animation for studio, mech items, and more scheduled for release on the 29th. Detailed information to be revealed on the 22nd.


  • Announcement.
    • New Features
      • girls can request to eat with you, sleep with you, or give you a lap pillow.
      • girls with the Slut skill can pay you a night visit
    • Lots of new clothing, hair, accessory, housing items, and studio items.


  • Patch release (v1.0.4)
    • release of last week announced features


  • Patch release (v1.0.5)
    • added, accessories and studio items
    • added finish options to the H housing item H scenes that lacked it
    • bug fixes
  • Announcement of the first paid DLC adding miko themed features