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all characters are at least 18

AI Syoujyo [edit]


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The Basic

Cooking requires cooking furniture. You can cook with cooking furniture from housing or other cooking furniture on the map like the stove in Shan's house. Most cooking furniture will have 2 functions.

  • Cook - Let you cook food from recipes.
  • Cook/Food Storage - Let you store food or ingredients.

Girl Cooking

Girl can cook by herself on these conditions.

  • When she initiates cooking animation, she reads through her pocket and food storage then pick a recipe available for ingredients she has access to.
  • She then attempts to cook and the ingredients for the recipe will be consumed.
  • The success rate of cooking seems to be random or maybe affected by stats(need more test). If she fails, she will produce dark matter.
  • If there's no matched recipe for available ingredients, she'll cancel cooking right away. (Walks to stove then immediately turn around.)