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all characters are at least 18

@HomeMate [edit]



Technical Help


Re-usable Tools

The Bondage Rope at the Ranch and the Green Vibrator at the Church will be unlocked after dates in either of those areas. The girl must be led by the hand to the locations described in the Dates guide, and the correct answer given for a positive reaction. When the girl reaches Horny mood on the same date, spawn point packages with red arrows over them will appear here:

  • Bondage Rope: Between the tent and the hammock.
  • Green Vibrator: On top of the altar.

Both can be activated with girls in Horny mood by switching H mode while in the same room.

Gifts from Animals

These are the items that the animals provide when interacting with the animals in the game. To interact with the animals, walk near the animal and click on the "action clicker" and allow the character to shake the animal or clap his hands to completion to receive the gift.

  1. Dog: Panties materials
  2. Cat: Bra materials
  3. Rabbit: Dress materials
  4. Fish: Swimsuit materials
  5. Goat: Energy drink
  6. Chicken: Breast changer - smaller
  7. Duck: Breast changer - normal
  8. Cow: Breast changer - larger